Ethereal Marble: Black Friday's Illuminated Offerings by Samu Lighting

Black Friday heralds an opulent showcase of marble-crafted chandeliers by Samu Lighting. Discover the sophistication and allure of our exclusive collection.

Alabaster Magnolia Chandelier: Multilayered Warmth

Witness opulence in bloom with the Alabaster Magnolia Chandelier. Its intricate details and alabaster elegance bring a touch of nature indoors.
Explore Alabaster Magnolia Chandelier

Cora Chandelier: Elegance Personified

Emanating elegance, the Cora Chandelier embodies intricate detailing and harmonious design, elevating spaces with refined grace.
Explore Cora Chandelier

Avalon Halo Chandelier: Mesmerizing Halo Glow

The Avalon Halo Chandelier mesmerizes with its radiant halo glow, a testament to marble craftsmanship and captivating illumination.
Discover Avalon Halo Chandelier

Chamber Pendant Light: Contemporary Sophistication

Marble finesse meets modern aesthetics in the Chamber Pendant Light, exuding contemporary sophistication ideal for chic interiors.
View Chamber Pendant Light

Yum Pendant Light: Artistic Minimalism

Radiating artistic minimalism, the Yum Pendant Light offers understated elegance and a modern touch to interiors.
Illuminate with Yum Pendant Light

Camille Chandelier: Timeless Opulence

The Camille Chandelier evokes timeless opulence, showcasing intricate marble workmanship that exudes refined luxury.
Admire Camille Chandelier

Galet Pendant Lamp: Organic Elegance

Organic design meets sophistication in the Galet Pendant Lamp, blending nature's inspiration with contemporary allure.
Discover Galet Pendant Lamp

Megalith Mini Pendant Light: Bold Statement

Make a bold statement with the Megalith Mini Pendant Light, captivating with its bold marble elements that add character to any space.
Explore Megalith Mini Pendant Light

Rock Alabaster Chandelier: Sublime Luxury

Exuding sublime luxury, the Rock Alabaster Chandelier graces spaces with grandeur and luxurious marble craftsmanship.
Experience Rock Alabaster Chandelier


Prepare for Black Friday's marble-crafted radiance. Stay tuned for exclusive promotions and elevate your home's ambiance with Samu Lighting's exquisite marble chandeliers!