Radiating Classical Grandeur: The Beauty of Traditional Candelabra Chandeliers

Traditional candlestick chandeliers are a testament to vintage elegance and classic design, inspired by aesthetics of the past. These fixtures illuminate spaces while evoking an enduring sense of sophistication from the bygone eras to the present day.

At Samulighting, our carefully curated selection of traditional candelabra chandeliers captures the charm of classical lighting.

Embracing Classic DesignOur chandeliers feature a classic candelabra structure, infusing spaces with nostalgia and lasting sophistication.

Crystal Brilliance: Enhanced by exquisite crystal elements, they emit a touch of dazzling and charming radiance.

Metallic Grandeur: Finishes in timeless brass, antique bronze, classic black iron, or opulent gold offer a connection to history and tradition.

Intricate Details: The meticulously crafted patterns and decorative pendants showcase exquisite craftsmanship, reminiscent of a bygone era of refinement.

Variety Of Elegance: Suitable for various settings, these chandeliers add opulence and grace to any space.

Choosing the Perfect Candlestick Chandelier

Selecting the right candlestick chandelier depends on your space and personal style.


Pavia Chandelier

This exquisite Pavia chandelier embodies the classic European crystal chandelier, with linked crystal tassels elevating its elegance.

Pavia Chandelier

Carlita Chandelier

We modernized the traditional candelabra-style chandelier with a sleek gold finish, five arms, and adjustable chain flex for a bold home decor accent.

Carlita Chandelier

French Crystal Chandelier

The French Crystal chandelier, made of artificial crystal, exudes elegance and nobility with a unique design that symbolizes purity, nobility, light, and hope.

Carlita Chandelier

Traditional Candelabra Chandelier

The crystal chandelier is a chandelier made of artificial crystal, which is gorgeous and noble.

Traditional Candelabra Chandelier


In summary, Samulighting's traditional candelabra chandeliers embody classical tradition and elegance, providing illumination while evoking the luxury of eras gone by. Whether your decor is classical or modern, these chandeliers enhance spaces with timeless allure. Explore our collection to embrace classical lighting.