Unveiling Our Latest Terrazzo Collection: Blending Elegance with Durability

Prepare to be mesmerized by our latest lineup, showcasing an exquisite fusion of modern design and the enduring charm of terrazzo. Let's dive into the distinctive qualities of each product alongside the remarkable attributes of terrazzo.

U Terrazzo Pendant Lamp

This lamp embodies the robustness of terrazzo, accentuating contemporary spaces with its sleek design and durable composition.

U Terrazzo Pendant Lamp

TU Terrazzo Pendants Light

Blending elegance with resilience, this fixture adds a touch of sophistication to interiors, highlighting terrazzo's enduring allure.

Planet Terrazzo Pendant Lamp

Offering a seamless blend of versatility and durability, this lamp captivates with its unique terrazzo finish and contemporary silhouette.

Aplomb Pendant Lamp

With terrazzo's strength at its core, this lamp exudes urban sophistication, marrying industrial aesthetics with the timeless appeal of terrazzo.

Nermi II Pendant Lamp

A testament to Terrazzo's resilience and refined craftsmanship, this lamp effortlessly combines durability with understated elegance.

Montrer Pendant Lamp

Reflecting terrazzo's durability and elegance, this lamp infuses spaces with a modern yet timeless allure, showcasing the material's versatility.

Erisi Pendant Lamp

Celebrating terrazzo's durability, this lamp radiates sophistication and strength, elevating interiors with its enduring charm.


Terrazzo, celebrated for its durability and visual appeal, boasts several remarkable qualities:

  • Longev, ensuring enduring designs that retain their beauty for years.
  • Design Versatility: Its diverse color palette and texture options enable limitless design possibilities.
  • Resilience: Known for its robustness, terrazzo endures heavy use and maintains its charm.
  • Low Maintenance: Easily maintained and cleaned, offering a long-lasting and effortless solution.


Each of these new arrivals represents a unique blend of style, innovation, and functionality. Explore our latest offerings to find the perfect lighting solutions that resonate with your taste and style.